Chairman View

Chairman View

Director Desk

Academic Heights Public School is a place of pride for students. There is continuous mentoring, monitoring & super visional support to all team members. We infuse integration & application to the practical approach for the new generation.

We at AHPS recruit a qualified and goal-oriented team of teachers who are ready to take up challenges to groom the backbone of AHPS. To enhance our leader in Education & Management Principal’s Meet & Director’s Meet are organized by the Regional Office, New Delhi. Also, teachers’ training programs to constantly upgrade their pedagogical skills are conducted at the school level, CBSE level as well as at corporate level in New Delhi.

AHPS follows safety norms in terms of building, cleanliness, hygiene, safety aids, fire extinguishers, etc are readily available. Round-the-clock CCTV Surveillance inside, around, and outside the premises is of utmost importance.

The strongest factor for success is self-esteem. We have won the “Best School Infrastructure Award“2017 and the “Most Nature-friendly School Award, 2018” organized by NSA New Delhi. We feel proud to provide the best infrastructure, facilities, and natural environment with fresh breathe and lead students to become truly useful citizens and good human beings with glories.